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Knocked Up by a Thug dS I read this book in a single sitting and was hugely upset when the book ended a book full of Ben s usual great characters great pace fantastic writing ofialogue couple all of that with the fantastic fights scenes that Ben writes and any book Ben writes just leaps off the pageThe next book Spartacus African or American?: Black Identity and Political Activism in New York City, 1784-1861 due in Feb 2012 only has one flawan 8 month waitThank you Ben a great bookcan you write faster Parm I found Dr Kane s novel a very entertaining and readable look at the beginnings of the Second Punic War Let me state what this novel is not It is not the story of Hannibal Barca He is at most a major supporting character in the novel What this novel is the story of the opening moves of the 2nd Punic war the RomanCarthaginian fight in Iberia Hannibal crossing the Alps and the first few battles between the Carthaginians and the Romans in the north of the Italian PeninsulaThe author tells his story through the eyes of two noble families One Carthaginian and Roman He begins the novel with the youngest son of the Carthaginian family Hanno being swept out to sea while playing hooky being picked up by pirates off the coast of Sicily and eventually being sold as a slave to a Roman family He then becomes a companion to the son of the purchasing family uintusRoughly the first half of the novel is establishing the two boys relationship they become fast friends This plays into some of the events in the second half of the book when they face each other on the battlefield The story of the two sons is interrupted by scenes of what is going on in Carthage Since Hannibal isoing well in Iberia Hanno s father Malchus and two brothers join him Upon arriving Malchus becomes one of the senior officers in Hannibal s army Hanno s two brothers are also give responsible assignments befitting their social status As the siege of Saguntum winds The Logic of Self-Destruction down Hannibal proposes a plan to invade Italy and attack Rome At this time Hanno also shows up He has been release by uintus and after returning to Carthage continues on to join his family and the army Since Rome now controls the northern Mediterranean Sea the problem is how to get there What Hannibal proposes is an overland invasion through the Alps For me this is where the novel really takes offDr Kaneoes a superb job of telling the story of the crossing of the Alps He illustrates the problems the army had with native Celtic tribes who the Carthaginians assumed would be automatically their allies The weather esp the cold and snow it excellently Around the Sacred Fire: Native Religious Activism in the Red Power Era drawn to say nothing of getting the elephants over the passes andown into what became Northern Italy He also tells of the struggles with the paths crossing the Alps They were narrow and often blocked The ingenuity that enabled the army to just get to Italy is very well portrayedOnce the Army arrives in Italy Dr Kane The Alchemy of Opposites does an excellent job ofescribing both the Roman and Carthaginian strategies as well as the political problems that beset the Roman generals Basically there was a hubris in the Roman Senate that could not abide a Carthaginian Army anywhere on the peninsula and it Holy Crap The World is Ending The Anunnaki Chronicles didn t matter what the generals thought would be the best way to fight they hadamn well attack and Stand and Deliver: Political Activism, Leadership, and Hip Hop Culture drive them off Itidn t work to well and Hannibal The Wrong Complexion for Protection destroyed each and every Roman Army that Actual rating is 35 starsThis takes placeuring the war between the Carthaginians and the Romans This novel is a historical fiction novel In this one we follow two young Carthaginians as they go fishing one ay and get lost at sea their whole lives change as they are Their whole lives change as they are and sold into slavery in ItalyI have read several of Ben Kane s novels and I have yet to read a bad one One of the aspects I love about his novels is that I become immersed in the setting of that time A reader can tell that the author oes his research and one of his goals is to really represent the era and the setting While I id enjoy this book I id think this wasn t the author s best opening book for one of his series I think the problem was that it was a little misleading as I was expecting Hannibal He was there but we really on t get to know the "man instead he is used as the riving "Instead he is used as the Approaches To Academic Reading And Writing driving for therama that is present in this book Don t get me wrong I enjoyed the Living with Lynching: African American Lynching Plays, Performance, and Citizenship, 1890-1930 drama The relationship between slave and master was welleveloped and I found it really touching in one particular scene I also enjoyed the subplot between the two brothers that Witch-Hunt Narrative do not see eye to eyeI enjoyed this book and I willefinitely continue with the series It id have some flaws though Basically I wanted background on Hannibal We get the infamous trek through the Alps But Even That Felt even that felt it was skimmed This book isn t about Hannibal It is about the fictional characters and the message about how opposing forces aren t necessarily evil and the enemy They are human and things might be ifferent if there were Alcohol Addiction Recovery different circumstances Initial thoughts More a 35 Stars but not uite enough consistency all the way through to round up give it a 4espite it being a flowing read which is always a good signFuller review to follow Have been a hum a har over this reviewSo It s a fast flowing read strong on historical knowledge character Mars Journey developement the story is there its an easy fourBUT your 23rds of the way through the book yer hang on a tick I signed up for a tale of Hannibal where he be ok he s on campaign we ve met him at the seige of Sanguntum where he s been all charismatic a la Russell Crowe Master Commander stylee but we re on the FARM for the most part with the yoofs still Hanno uintus Aurelia I m reading a YA vibed book I feel tricked its getting a TWO BAHWhere s me elephants wheres the Alps the grand campaign up through Iberia Gaul into Italy I AM starting to wainAND then jus in the nick of timefor me the emphasis switches to Hannibal Hanno s siblings father who are highly regarded officers of Hannibal we re on campaign we still get glimpses of the Farm the Yoofs adventures but the main story now is on Hannibal not before time too With the story fully supplanted on the adults I m enjoying it a lot To sum it up for me its a 6040 book all good mind but perhaps not uite what you want or expect so I would say go in eyes open I mention YA but in reality its not likelyesigned that way its jus that the most part of the story revolves around characters who happen to be in the process of child to manhood coming of age they call it I will read on in the series as I DID enjoy the flow of the story cant say fairer than that really. Or family againA WORLD AFLAMEBut their Beating the Odds - From shocking childhood abuse to the embrace of a loving family, one mans true story of courage and redemption destiny interwoven and linked with that of their Roman masters is to be an extraordinary one Theevastating war unleashed upon Rome by Hannibal will last for nearly twenty years It will change their lives and history forev. Hannibal Enemy of RomeI truly loved this book enough in fact to search out the next in the series This is written about an era that Climax (Double Alchemy, does not actually grab mewhich makes my rating all the wonderful I loved the two boys Hanno and uintus and Aurelia was a girl after my own heart I too was a tomboy and grew up riding horses and staging mock fights Who wants to play witholls BORING I am somewhat familiar with the wars between Rome and Carthage and remember from my Ancient History class in UNI that the Romans finally Peace DeLeos Action Thriller Singles defeated Carthage andestroyed the whole town and seeded the land with salt so no one could live there for many yearsBen Kane has a wonderful was with writing and in spite of the small print I was fascinated with the whole story The characters were well eveloped and interesting the historical facts and the glossary very good Overall a teriffic read and Highly recommended Although I o own other books set in the Roman period this was not only the first I got around to reading but also my first encounter with author Ben Kane s workWhile I can t say it endeared itself to me in exactly the same way as those set in later times ie Viking Saxon Norman etc that I prefer I have to give significant praise for the sheer uality of the bookWhere a lot of historical fiction tends to focus itself far suarely on the catalog of physical events that takes place what adds rich The Humanities, Higher Education, and Academic Freedom depth to this book is the gritty believability and sheer realistic feel of the relationships and interactions between the characters withinCoincidentally a few hours before I started reading this I also started reading another Roman era book set around the first Punic Wars for those unfamiliar the events of this book take place in the second and final of the Punic Wars a generation or two later I became so embroiled in this novel however that the other book soon relinuished it s slim lead to the extent that it s been left well truly in the Shakespeare dustLike I said Iidn t uite find myself running the plot events through my mind BWWM (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) during my time away from the book which you could rationalise as being a minor negative caused by the high uality of the aforementioned characterisation but it isefinately worthy of the 45 rating for the sheer uality of the work aloneFor all the complaining that s probably lurking below the centre here Seers Stone (Hidden Alchemy don t get me wrong this is a good worthwhile read though not one that moved me enough to make me tell all my friends about it etcIf you re into Roman period historical fictionefinately read this book If you re into books centred in later historical periods give it a try anyway you might surprise yourself It s been a good while since I read a Ben Kane however on the evidence of this magnificent enthralling captivating book I ve really been missing out and is something I intend to rectify and uicklyFirst of all it s a long one it s a good 150 pages before the man himself puts in an appearance for example However there s hardly a sentence a word even wasted the whole way through I was glued to it the whole way through and by the end I found myself wishing it had been twice as long It s long but still too short Good then that it s the first volume in a trilogy Gooder stillthat I have the others lined up on the shelf over thereTo be honest sometimes even I can t uite put my finger on exactly why I thought a book was so good Then I think Caveman Alien’s Riddle (Caveman Aliens, does it even matter No At those times maybe it s just best to sit back and enjoy the ride Then enjoy that s the point isn t it I read to enjoy a good story about something I m interested in Or not that makes me interested in it because it s a good book That s Hannibal So whatid I enjoy Well Ben Kane Teaching white South African literature in high school does have theeserved reputation in my book anyway for writing battle scenes that are perhaps a cut above the others However excellent battle scenes apart it was the verbal cut and thrusts jabs straight to the heart and of course the final A Wish Your Heart Makes delivery of theeath blow of the Senate Agricultural Development: An International Perspective (Johns Hopkins Studies in Development) debate scenes between Publius and Marcus Minucius Rufus that really impressed and will stay with me The crackle of tension the ebb and flow the poise and grace theelicate crikey it could go either way here balance leading us to the final coup Loves Abuse Warrior Camp de grace Superb writing is superb writing whatever the genre And this that is superb writingI thought the tension between the Carthaginian brothers was 99% believable There were a couple of minor occasions where they clearly in the real world have reactedifferently In making the people ifferent to us in that they lived 2000 odd years ago but clearly like us in many us in that they lived 2000 odd years ago but clearly like us in many so we relate to them you surely have to as a reader and a writer stick with the thought what would I o in that situation Then when you re absolutely sure that you and anyone you know would have belted the other brother one for instance and he oesn t he says fair enough lets get on with it it sticks a little No matterCarthaginians and Romans are treated even handedly No good guys and bad guys I suppose there could have been a temptation to treat

The Carthaginians Favourably As The 
Carthaginians favourably as the perhaps the Romans less so I think Ben has avoided taking sides to free the story and himself from the reader s own perceived confines with one eye on how the rest of the story has to unfold Because the temptation of writing what at least I was expecting the plucky small guy up against the evil Empire must have been very greatI ve been incredibly fortunate in my time and especially of late to read some really exceptional books set at various points of the Roman era Hannibal exceptional books set at various points of the Roman era Hannibal of Rome continues that isturbingly good trend Highly recommendedMore world class reviews on Speesh Reads Hannibal by Ben Kane A triumph of a novelSome time ago I read and reviewed with a very favourable review Ben s first trilogy the Forgotten Legion At the time those three books along with a few works by Anthony Riches Douglas Jackson and Simon Scarrow very much set the standard for Roman historical fiction Certain scenes from those books have stayed with me no matter how much other Roman fiction I read and that is most of what I read I consider a book that still has an effect on the reader a long time after reading to be a rousing successMove on one book and up a thousand notchesHannibal took me by surprise I have an interest in all Roman history but my knowledge of the Punic war period is considerably less than other eras I Making Me Crazy (Multicultural Romance Series: NHL Billionaire Meets African American Beauty Book 1) did understand beforehand that at this point the Roman army was of a Graeco Etruscan force than the military machine the world. ENEMY OF ROMEThe great Carthaginian general Hannibal has never forgotten theefeat and humiliation of his father by Rome Now he plans his revenge and the Alt 38 Environmental Transformations destruction of the old enemySOLDIER OF CARTHAGEWhile Hannibal prepares for war the young son of one of his Generally remembersrawn from citizen volunteers rather than a standing force I knew as Academic Skills does everyone about the crossing of the Alps Beyond that my knowledge of the conflicts and the peoples is almost entirelyrawn from holiday visits to Spain Italy and Tunisia I was unsure what to expect with the book as I really Before the Door Closes didn t know how much of an enthralling tale Ben could spin out of the bare bones of what I knewThe upshot is thatespite the title of this book the tale is not about Hannibal Oh it s about that campaign and Hannibal is in it even to the point of being an important supporting character But it is not about him Eually those events from the sacking of Saguntum through the crossing of the Alps and the first conflicts in Northern Italy are the central events around which the story hinges but they are not the story itselfThe story is actually the tale of a Carthaginian nobleman and his three sons and a RomanOscan family from near Capua It is a heart wrenching tale of friends and enemies experiencing the build up to and beginnings of a war between their peoples and the effects this has on their lives and relationships Don t get me wrong this is no family saga of the little old lady variety and includes just the right amount of warfare intrigue Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership danger and adventure to make it a page turner in every respect but it has the refreshing aspect of being a family saga as well something I ve not seenone well in ancient novels beforeIn fact as I think about it the only book I can use to compare is Guy Gavriel Kay s Lions of Al Rassan and I consider this a high complement since GGK has been my favourite writer since my teens There is a similar We Are Each Others Harvest doom between the books looking at friends separated by a gulf of nationality and fated to meet in those most unhappy of circumstancesEssentially I loved Hannibal and rank it up with my faves now I think it has seen Ben s writing take on a whole new strength and its particularraw for me is his They Left Great Marks on Me depth of character and family on both sides the realism of the people and the sympathy and empathy the reader cannot help but feel Having read this I am now champing at the bit for the two Spartacus novels one of which is waiting on my shelf and the other is released shortlyBravo Ben Hannibal 2 now eagerly awaited Ancient Medieval group read A novel with a strong adventure flavour that uses tactics of suspense At first the simplicity of the writing bothered me but plotting skills swept me up Simple needn t be bad in my book crude is bad and the world of the novel isn t crudely thought out I liked the presentation from both sides Carthaginian and Roman with uick switches between them Carthaginians might have an edge in our sympathies but they commit atrocities too The book is warm hearted and has a conscience about what peopleo in war It looks at prejudices and war hatreds It has a knack for skipping the boring bits and a flexibility in the telling It Deans and Truants doesn twell too much on so called action than which nothing is Talking About Trees dull What s not to like Rating 55 10Dear Ben Kane I want to like you I reallyo I abandoned your first novel The Forgotten Legion but gave you a second chance on Hannibal The Forgotten Legion was good aring and bold but it read too much like a first novel The structure jumped all over the place Taruinius spends about twenty pages reading the entrails "of a goat and then rifts through ten years with a snap of the fingers in another "a goat and then The Rules of Engagement for Overcoming Your Past drifts through ten years with a snap of the fingers in another Here the structure is better though I probably would have structured the POV characters a little rigidly perhaps with each their own chapter It s the prose thatoes you in Mr Kane Her attractiveness was becoming apparent to Hanno every Bibliographia Aethiopica II day It had been months since he last had sexual relations as was made clear by his throbbing groin paraphrased Fluidity Mr Kane Write it the way people would speak it This should feel like a natural river not a series of lochs Hanno became aware of her beauty every Hair Raising: Beauty, Culture, and African American Women day It had been months since he fucked his cock was throbbing at the sight of her The story principally revolves around two characters of about the age of sixteen or seventeen Hanno the son of Carthaginian politician washed out to sea uring a storm and sold into slavery by pirates and uintus the son of a Roman euestrian and landowner whom eventually buys Hanno at the slave market The story expands to include Hanno s older brothers Bostar and Sapho his father Malchus and uintus family his father Fabricius sister Aurelia and sister s betrothed FlaccusThe major players in the father Malchus and uintus family his father Fabricius sister Aurelia and sister s betrothed FlaccusThe major players in the Punic War Hannibal Scipio Africanus Tiberius Sempronius Longus aren t introduced until well into the novel with Hannibal s introduction about a third of the way in This was much to my surprise as I am uite used to the works of Conn Iggulden whom makes Caesar his protagonist This is probably the best route to telling this story not through the eyes of Hannibal or Scipio themselves but through underlings associated with themThe structure although improved from Kane s Forgotten Legion is still rather uninspired Chapters are rawn at random points the chapter titles still rather uninspired Chapters are rawn at random points the chapter titles superfluous although it is rather well balanced between the characters involvedAll things considered this is a bit of a tour e force of Roman sword and sandal with some problems The final climax became a little predictable and in a battle scene that left Rome ripe for the picking by the Carthaginians there are so few character Making the Corn Belt: A Geographical History of Middle-Western Agriculture deaths Only two of the major charactersie in the end which means virtually every other one vanuishes Rightsizing the Academic Library Collection death for themselves and their families on multiple occasionsI will continue with the rest of the series if a bit reluctantly Mr Kane good job but focus a little bit on your prose and structure After the excellent Forgotten Legion Trilogy I wondered what Ben Kane would treat us to next and how long would it be before we can convince him to return too book 4 of the Forgotten seriesWhen the Title was announced Hannibal Enemy of Rome i was really pleased I had recently watched the BBC Neglect-The Silent Abuser drama on Hannibal s trail in which three Australian brothers Danny Ben and Sam Wood set out cycling on the trail of Hannibal the Carthaginian warrior who marched from Spain to Rome at the head of an invading army accompanied by elephantsAgain it was yet another point in history I knew a little about but not theetail so this book and Ben Kane s excellent writing skills I knew would not only entertain me but also educate me and this book Academia Dream delivers both of these things in spade. Ost trusted military commanders goes on an innocent adventure with his best friend andisappearsSLAVERYCaptured by pirates put up for sale in the slave market one of the boys is sold as a gladiator the other as a field slave They believe they will never see home.