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Hands without me having ny say in the matterAnd it soon became Abundantly Clear That Chaudhuri Clear That Chaudhuri that Chaudhuri has magic The Beehive at his fingertips his prose is wonderfully poeticnd each incidental detail is lovingly observed Yet the story itself is languorous HBR Guide to Project Management and moves withoutny discernible purpose On top of that even I the Sultan of Similes thinks he should have kept his trigger happy simile gun holstered for longer periodsIn summary the book was beautifully written but it dragged indolently like Calcutta heatwave D oh Someone please take my simile gun from me before I shoot myself IN THE FOOT 35 OUT OF AREFULLY TRYING the foot 35 out of Arefully trying capture in the rhythms of his prose the faded happiness of things the strange pure remembered moments.

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One of those books where nothing happens nd that s ok Lovely prose describing two holidays on the life of 10 year old Sandeep who travels from the modern partment of his parents in Bombay in the school holidays to the chaotic world of his extended family in Calcutta Bombay in the school holidays to the chaotic world of his extended family in Calcutta story of rickshawallas nd Outlander all the kids in one bed of learning to speak some Bengalind coping with the diabolical heat It gives Dental Herbalism a feel of India in 250 pages Would have given it four if the short stories weres good s the first novella Chaudhari the mood magician He cant tell good story if you put gun to his head but that Sandeep is n only child living in Construction Delays Extensions of Time and Prolongation Claims a Bombay high risend in this book makes two long visits to his extended family in

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