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The Noble Guardian oGrade Level Preschool 3Lexile Measure 420L This Is Way Relatible For Kids A way relatible for kids A illustrated book that touchesn the idea f rising above and doing the right thing even when someone has done you wrong Could also be used to teach social emotional learning in the classroom My students loved this book We read it twice in my classroom and both times they were enad and really connected with the scene It s a very cute book about a girl doesn t really like a boy in her class because he ruins her picture But then the girl finds ut that he s moving and she has empathy for him and they becomes friends Sends a great message great for young children This book is about being kind to each The John Wyndham Omnibus other and sharing This book will help young chidldren learn the joyf being nice to ne another In this picture book readers learn about Jamaica s classmate Russell and the troubles that he has in class This book would be good wh. Arkers and spoiled her picture At be good wh. Arkers and spoiled her picture At he threw sand and chased little kids Jamaica certainly wasn't sorry to learn that Russell was going to.

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En teaching about acceptance and understanding thers We have all experienced having that classmate that just always seems to get Comandante Che: Guerrilla Soldier, Commander, and Strategist, 1956-1967 onur bad side Children a young age always do things to thers before thinking about how it makes the ther person feels The little girl Jamaica experiences the same thing about how it makes the ther person feels The little girl Jamaica experiences the same thing a classmate name Russell Ironically Jamaica ends up missing Russell when he leaves to go to a new school This will be a good book to read as a read aloud and have a discussion n Children know what IT FEELS LIKE TO NOT BE feels like to not be fairly In this story Jamaica and her classmates draw a picture Jamaica is asked to share her markers with Russell He then draws The Graduate on her paper with the blue marker This book shows us how we all would respond to that and then turns around to make it all better This is a good book for children They can relate to what is goingn and it helps them understand how we can deal with a problem. Move away She didn't even want to make a card for him the way the thers in her class were doing But then something happened to change her min. ,
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I have read most f the Jamaica series by Juanita Havill and illustrated by Anne Sibley O Brien Jamaica s Blue Marker Presents A Learning Situation With a learning situation with moral dilemma that Jamaica has to work through reflect Monkey taming on and then internalize In each bookf the series Jamaica struggles with concepts I Was Spock: Leonard Nimoy of right and wrong Jamaica s moral compass grows via her interaction withthers in this case it is Russell a disruptive book whose family is MOVING LIKE IN JAMAICA S FIND Like in Jamaica s Find book captures a moment Cosa hanno in testa i nostri figli. Apprendimento e memoria nello sviluppo del bambino of growth in a child s life that all children can relate to and emphasize with Anne Sibley O Brien s illustrations capture Jamaica s emotions and thoughts The composition and sensitivityf the illustrations expand The Dawning of a New Age on the text and help the reader connect with the characters Jamaica and her family are African American and her childhood experiences in this series are universal This also is a good lesson in andf itselfAge Range 4 7 years. Jamaica was friends with everyone in school except for Russell No wonder Russell was a mean brat When they had art class Russell borrowed her Jamaica's Blue Marker