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Making Sense of Leadership: Exploring the Five Key Roles Used by Effective Leaders gA uick read it s lyrical about a youngirl left on her own in very difficult circumstances I liked the parallels between May s struggle to survive and her struggle to read I love stories in verse therefore I wasn t much surprised when I ended up enjoying May B a whole lot than I had expected to There s this cleanliness about the poetry that makes it whole lot than I had expected to There s this cleanliness about the poetry that makes it to read The thing with writing a story in verse is that you have to be very careful about the details you put and the ones you leave out Because of the structure you cannot as you would in prose form novels describe things to the minute detail I felt that May B very successfully portrayed Mavis and the situation she found herself in while still managing to make her a character that one could empathize with And relate to Mavis s desire to read and to eventually teach are particularly poignant especially when the modern reader realizes that the possibility of it occurring is little to one I also really liked how the changing climate is iven consideration and Mavis *s feelings as she realizes that she has been abandoned All in all this is a beautiful *feelings as she realizes that she has been abandoned All in all this is a beautiful with beautiful elouent poetry If you want a limpse of a Gandhi Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age girl defying all odds to survive you shouldive May B a try I recommend it anyway May B is an unlikely hero a 12 year old Les Innocents girl with a learning disability fending for herself during a harsh prairie winter In the wrong hands the story could tend toward melodrama Or it could just plain be boring Fortunately this story is neitherMay s story unfolds in verse The style works well in this book emphasizing the stark prairie and the simplicity of of May s every day existence Author Caroline Starr Rose manages to weave in plenty of historical details adding another rich layer to the story without bogging down any of the actionWhile historical fiction might be a hard sell for some young readers telling the story in verse makes it a uick read Reminiscent of the Little House books without the heft May B is a wonderful debut from aifted author The author Caroline Rose Starr was named Publishers Weekly Flying Start Author for this book May B She lives in New Mexico with her husband and two sons She spent May B She lives in New Mexico with her husband and two sons She spent childhood in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and New Mexico Caroline even wrote poetry as a child The whole book is written in poetry This story is about a irl named is Mavis Elizabeth Betterly or May B May is twelve years old She lives with her Ma Pa and brother in a soddy in the. I’ve known it since last nightIt’s been too long to expect them to returnSomething’s happenedMay is helping out on a neighbor’s Kansas prairie homestead just until Christmas says Pa She wants to contribute but it’s hard to be separat. ,

May B author Caroline Starr Rose

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Lad I persisted a moving story of a young irl facing adversity My daughter I were mesmerized
this book It is really to be read aloud And my daughter learned about dyslexia in a most subtle way We loved the brave patience of May If you like mighty irl books this is for you Review for workOh boy a verse historical fiction novel always the most popular item in any library Kidding aside it s hard for me to see this book oing out too much unless it s for the reluctant reader who has to Write A Report On a report on historical fiction book over 200 pages long Because the verse leaves so much white space the text density here is like a Frog and Toad book yet it comes to a cool 225 pages in the ARC This book had too many themes swirling in the mix The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States gender disparity prairie identity reaching the horizon loneliness on the prairie as a metaphor for reading difficulties texts within the text paralleling May s emotions May s nickname May s desire to become a teacher flashbacks to her previous teachers flashbacks to her dares with her brotherabout half of those things could be cut out with no loss to the book Some may find the presence of all that self consciously literary stuff distinguished I found it cluttered On the plus side it s airl s survival story with details about how she ets by alone in a sod house in winter and a sympathetic portrayal of a irl with dyslexia Overall I would say that the negatives and positives even out to make it an additional purchase Given that Kirkus ave it a starred review which isn t peanuts some libraries may want it Historical fiction in verse is hard to carry off and ultimately I compare everything to Out of the Dust which is most unfair on my part I think Rose s job was even difficult because so much of her book deals with one character alone but what a strong character May is May s fight for survival alone on the prairie is fascinating enough but the flashbacks into her learning difficulties when she was at school make the character even relatable and intriguing I think Rose definitely will appeal to the Little House crowd that she definitely will appeal to the Little House crowd that she reaching for and I do believe this one is award worthy I won t ive a synopsis because others have done that already What I will say is that this is one amazing book Seriously The language is so sparse yet the visuals are so 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts great The emotion palatable The character fully developed I very much enjoyed MAY B Will recommend highly to others including reluctant readers. Memories of her struggles with reading at school come back to haunt her But she’s determined to find her way home againCaroline Starr Rose’s fast paced novel written in beautiful and riveting verseives readers a strong new heroine to lo. Kansas Prairie To help her family Moonrise (Snowfall, get money she is forced too live with a pair of strangers named Mr and Mrs Oblinger who live fifteen miles away from home until Christmas But when the Oblinger S Disappear Suddenly May Gets Stuck Alone disappear suddenly May ets stuck alone a blizzard I enjoyed the book but feel there is something missing in the story and May B you can figure it out for me The storyline is very interesting and the fact that the whole book is written in poetry is for me The storyline is Very Interesting And The Fact That The interesting and the fact that the book is written in poetry is I ive this book May B five stars because it is adventurous and uniue I thought this was a Hello, Snow! good book despite what people have told me about it May B really went through a struggle and she made it out In my opinion May is a storng willed character Half the things she did I don t think I could ever do Growing up on the prairie definitely made her a lot knowledgeable about survival than if she lived in the city This is aood book if you are looking for a uick read and like a little bit of adventure My niece Malory and my A Little Dinner Before the Play great niece Ivory age 10 are in a mother daughter book club What areat way to instill at a young age a love of books as well as critical thinking about what you re reading I check in occasionally to see what they re reading and May B was their most recent pick It s a story about a 12 year old pioneer Mastering the Art of Saying No Without Feeling Guilty: Tips, Techniques and Strategies girl who is farmed out one August to help a neighboring newlywed couple One less mouth to feed and a little income for May s family and her father promises it s only till Christmas I thought I d read it as a way to check in with them and feel connected across the 450 miles between them in Illinois and me in MinnesotaPlus I m a sucker for a pioneer story I was firmly convinced at Ivory s age that I WAS a pioneerirl in a previous lifetime But I had my doubts as I looked at the first page I knew this book for pre teens was written in free verse but I didn t uite Yuganta, The End Of An Epoch grasp what that meant until I saw it Perhaps I was especially delighted by Rose s book because I initially thought I wasn toing to like it There s a wonderful rhythm to May s story as Rose brings it beautifully to life her family Ma Pa and brother Hiram her feelings at being sent away for a few months her fierce desire to read and her struggles to do so her feelings of inadeuacy her need to survive her new situation the prairie landscape the soddy where she lives the food she cookseats her fears at being abandoned her fears of not being found and her rit and determination to be reunited with her family So Ed from her family by 15 long unfamiliar miles Then the unthinkable happens May is abandoned Trapped in a tiny snow covered sod house isolated from family and neighbors May must prepare for the oncoming winter While fighting to survive May’s. ,

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