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Se for our Mr GregDamaging the school property might be fun for us allWell fun until the school decides to involve the Police Unprepared and tormented Greg is hounded by the fear of being locked up for vandalismThe blizzard and thus the is hounded by the fear of being locked up for vandalismThe blizzard and thus the fever being a nice additionThe narration is of the rarest uality which is a trade mark of Jeff You are bound to love this Cabin Fever Before ReadingThe cover seems pretty temptingwith Greg standing astonished by the windowapparently with Manny In Diary of a Wimpy Kid Greg was 11 in Grade 6In Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules Greg was 12 in Grade 7In Diary of a Wimpy #KID THE LAST STRAW GREG WAS #The Last Straw Greg was 12 and in Grade 7 since the book began in JanuaryIn Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days Greg is having his summer vacation after he finishes Grade 7In Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Ugly Truth Greg was 13 and in Grade 8Basically Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Ugly Truth was only half of a normal school ear since the book ended in NovemberProbably I suspect Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever is going to be the next half due to what is drawn on the cover After ReadingThis one was different for sure It didn t really complete the ear but it was just as good as

"the other ones "
other ones this book it makes Greg seem like the troublemaker although he never really intended to cause all the trouble and soon a blizzard falls over their city A really different plot When I read the description it didn t seem too much like an appealing type Once ou read the book the illustrations and the writing make it funny DI like Dog Days the best though This book is probably third in the favourite to least favourite lineup but after all all of them were fantasticThe series must continue. Snow melts he’s going to have to face the music but could any punishment be worse than being stuck inside with our family for the holida.
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LRN 500 stars1Mum So ou ve read all of these rightLRN There s In this one school property is a must because there s no school property Because people had There s In this one school property is a must because there s no school property Because people had on these things like the swing which is a really funny one It s when a dork named Francis Knott goes flying off the swing onto a see saw which someone was on *and then woooooooomum this is a little confusing *then wooooooooMum This is a little confusing ou mean that the playground is now not available to the kids because of fears of kids getting hurt or something LRN Yup At least they get to stand out there not running You can t run because when somebody was playing freeze tag someone pushed that person and the teachers thought ou shouldn t runMum Huh I ve ne In some parts of this book I laughed a lot So I m rating this with 4 stars One of the best parts of this book is when Greg and Rowley are bullied by a kid who s in kindergarten The part where Greg found out that his Douze nouvelles contemporaines: Regards sur le monde younger brother Manny is the culprit behind their lack of electricity is really hilarious Can t believe that kidsounger than Greg can pull this kind of act against adults hahaha 1 10 I will say this book get s a 9 it is off the hook I love the part when Greg was a Criminal but at the same time he was not Also he had to stay in his grandma s house from All that snow Also greg want a book singed by Kenny Centazzo but it was a fail Mannypest was also messing with the heat in the house soo that he could get the heat all to hem self This book breezed through meSometimes a breeze is not what one is looking for Like Greg who is trapped in his own house due to a BlizzardThis one was indeed different Not the one we are used to where the school forms a major part of the of the troll univer. East sort of The authorities are closing in but when a surprise blizzard hits the Heffley family is trapped indoors Greg knows that when the. This series is really great if ou want to laugh out loud To Release Some Of release some of stress in life Loved the 6th book in the series as wellGreg is less obnoxious than he was in the previous seriesI am enjoying about the things that is happening in the lives of the other people aroind him his parents the mom is so like duh clueless still being always partial nodding to Manny wants his parents mom is so like duh clueless still being always partial nodding to everything Manny wants dad has Not much role in this one Rodrick the elder brother doesn t have much part which I miss reading aboutThe only thing I got disappointed is this thing Why is Manny still treated like a toddlee when he can already speak sentencesI wa Reading Diary of Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever would not have been as funny as it really is to me if Archit wouldn t be calling me three time four times five times a day and asking me to read this series that he is now a big fan of Wimpy KidHe is not someone who gets behind ou and until Comment Wang-F fut sauv you read or watch the stuffs he suggested would not letou live peacefully If he recommends something then Petit cahier d'exercices de communication non-violente you certainly putour faith in it His choices are only the best ones There s no doubt about itSo when he asked me to read Wimpy kid I took it as a duty and God It was fabulous I understood why he wanted me to read this seriesThis one would be my favorite of all other parts I can t wait to read next books I feel like I d read this before the whole time I was reading it I think Kinney is running out of ideasReally How long will this stupid franchise continue Does Jeff Kinney not have enough money from his already existing six books one which is just a blank journal and his movie franchise Jeez these cash cows are killing me Mum So what do ou want to say about this. Greg Heffley is in big trouble School property has been damaged and Greg is the prime suspect But the crazy thing is he’s innocent Or at

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