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Don t wave them in your readers faces And why being faithful And Accurate Does He accurate does he SMERSH when it s an abbreviation not an acronymSometimes Faulks s prose like pure Fleming at others it jumps out of the groove I loved the line about Bond s Paris hotel being a typical Moneypenny booking but moments later he s casually mentioning Moneypenny s name to a total stranger Part of the problem I think is the impossibility of ignoring the film Bond and his slightly different habits Scenes between 007 M and Moneypenny in particular seem written for the screen than the page permissive 60s notwithstanding I can t see Fleming s Bond getting away with threatening to spank his boss s secretaryThen there are moments when Faulks simply tries too hard to write like Fleming and the writing is so excessively perfect as to be off putting and unlikeable like Goldfinger s golfing tweeds or the Windsor not in Red Grant s tieSebastian Faulks does not pull off his predecessor s style half as well as Kingsley Amis does in Colonel Sun under the pseudonym of Robert Markham But the task he faced was far harder moving Bond forward

in time while 
time while his work in the past undoing four decades of Bond s screen evolution without completely losing sight of the changes made explaining the Cold War and Vietnam to a new generation without being too expository and making us care about these wars long over and this leftover spy I first met James Bond as a young teenager recently graduated from children s books and starting to explore the wide world of adult fiction And of course I fell in love Who doesn t at 14 Bond became the benchmark by which all heroes should be measured and I lapped up every adventure Ian Fleming had writtenAs my literary tastes matured over the years not to mention my feminist awareness I began to read widely deeply and intelligently Sebastian Faulks Birdsong was one of many beautifully written books I read and yet my Bond books remained on my bookshelf and 007 remained carved on a part of my heart These books have a special place in my life so it was with some distaste that I heard that Sebastian Faulks was writing a new James Bond novel I don t like books written as spin offs of another author s character even fully sanctioned spin offs Sebastian Faulks writing was the cheese to Ian Fleming s chalk This could never work and I wasn t going to betray James Bond by reading this presumptious bookThen it started getting good reviews Reviews from people who love Ian Fleming s Bond A frisson of curiosity started to undermine my resistance Then a few weeks ago there it was in the library where I work Just asking to be picked up and taken home and read Who am I to resist the clarion call of a lonely book I started it yesterdayAnd finished it today And loved it Sebastian Faulks has. MI6 M assigns him to shadow the mysterious Dr Julius Gorner a power crazed pharmaceutical magnate whose wealth is exceeded only by his greed Gorner has lately taken a disuieting interest in opiate derivatives both legal and illegal and this urgently bears looking into Bond finds a willing accomplice in the shape of a glamorous Parisian named Scarlett Papava He will need her help in a life and death struggle with his most dangerous adversary yet as a chain of events threaten to lead to global catastrophe A Bri. Devil May CarePenguin s selection of Sebastian Faulks author of Birdsong and Charlotte Gray to write a seuel to Ian Fleming s James Bond novels for the centenary of their creator s birth was perhaps an unusual one but made the project much interesting than if it had been given to some modern day euivalent of the chain smoking old hack Devil May Care is set soon after The Man With The Golden Gun In this smoking old hack Devil May Care is set soon after The Man With The Golden Gun In this s last Bond novel our hero returns brainwashed from Russia with instructions to ill M and once hero returns brainwashed from Russia with instructions to ill M and once BOUNCES STRAIGHT BACK ON THE TRAIL OF ECCENTRIC bounces straight back on the trail of eccentric sinister villainsFaulks gives Bond a little time out to recover from his amnesia and subseuent Soviet indoctrination not to mention the death of his new bride way back in On Her Majesty s Secret Service and the start of the novel finds him bored and restless in France as the end of his enforced convalescence approachesA beautiful woman with the unlikely name of Scarlett Papava appears on the scene and begs Bond to liberate her twin sister Poppy from the shadowy Dr Julius Gorner who shares his first name and ualification with that other doctor No homage or slip Handily he is then summoned by M to investigate Gorner s part in the international narcotics trade The mission takes him to Persia and follows the time honoured path of snooping around capture torture villain s plan revealed and explosive climax with a few dinners and changes of clothes along the way He meets old friends Mathis head of the Deuxi me Bureau and ex CIA pal Felix Leiter as well as new characters like the charismatic Darius Alizadeh our man in Persia and the comic yet trusty taxi driver with his bootbrush moustache One Fleming set piece is the contest between Bond and the villain in which the latter s nasty nature is revealed as exemplified by the golf game with Auric Goldfinger in Devil May Care it s tennis and thrillingly handled The clothing and euipment necessary for the match is also described in all the loving elitist detail you would expect The villain himself is a worthy successor to Drax Blofeld and the rest nursing a deformity and a grudge against Britain and accompanied by a sadistic henchmanThe choice of subject matter is also a tribute to Fleming who came up with the storyline for trippy anti drug film Poppies Are Also FlowersFrom his 21st century vantage point Faulks extends Bond s world yoinking him firmly out of postwar austerity and into the Swinging 60s He is of course practised in writing historical fiction and does it well although some of the detail he picks out might not have been selected by an author writing at the time He has obviously pored over the Bond canon but he reveals a little too much of his research referring too often and too specifically to past missions Take a tip from J K Rowling now your characters backgrounds and histories but. Bond is back With a vengeance Devil May Care is a masterful continuation of the James Bond legacy an electrifying new chapter in the life of the most iconic spy of literature and film written to celebrate the centenary of Ian Fleming's birth on May 28 1908 An Algerian drug runner is savagely executed in the desolate outskirts of Paris This seemingly isolated event leads to the recall of Agent 007 from his sabbatical in Rome and his return to the world of intrigue and danger where he is most at home The head of. Captured the very essence of Ian Fleming s writing and he has written this book with love All the little nuances that brought Fleming s novels to life are here alongside "THE MAIN PLOT THEMES THE DETAILED " main plot themes The detailed of food clothing place A deformed villain and high technology A plot of gargantuan proportions A beautiful woman and fast cars Pain and torture and death And Faulks has very cleverly added a twentieth century sensibility to this novel even though it takes place immediately after the last of Fleming s novels ends The villain holds a grudge against Britain and the litany of imperialistic wrongs he despises Britain for are not invented Thus Faulks s book is not a black and white case of good vs evil but the moral greyness is very subtle and enhances rather than detracts from the storyIn the words of M himself Come in 007 it s good to see you back I enjoyed this continuance of the James Bond saga James in the books is a far cry from James on the silver screen He s much grittier less camp and funnily enough less of a cad with the ladies One of the things I liked about this book was the setting in post WW II in the glory days of the Soviet Union There is something nice and clean about the Soviets You new where you stood with them There was a system in placeThe action is excellent and the characterization tight This James Bond novel has been penned by Sebastian Faulks I had heard about his literary novels and was curious to see his version of the iconic British spy I can t claim to be a die hard fan of the James Bond series but I do enjoy watching the movies and reading the novelsIt is the swinging sixties Industrialist Dr Julius Gorner consumed by his hatred for Britain is flooding it with narcotics But his animus won t stop at that He has something devastating in his mind he has to Otherwise how can we have a jolly good adventureBond would travel exotic locales all around the world fight a lot of bad guys face certain death situations Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life kill a lot of bad guys prevent World War III and thwart the villain s plans and get the girl at the end I particularly liked two things a tennis match between Bond and Gorner and the visit to Tehran of the sixties Not saying anything Evil genius plotting his twisted schemes a psychotic henchman mysterious and attractive women exotic locales intense action all the tropes of Bond stories are there The story is well written a page turner that can be read very uickly It was fun read but I was expecting something younow Maybe because I had heard about Faulk s literary novels I thought there would be a bit complex characterization or clever twists I am not saying the book was bad it was a thriller after all and Faulks did try to write a decent Bond novel Anyway I would recommend this book to Bond aficionados decent Bond novel Anyway I would recommend this book to Bond aficionados don t mind the authorized novels. Tish airliner goes missing over Ira The thunder of a coming war echoes in the Middle East And a tide of lethal narcotics threatens to engulf a Great Britain in the throes of the social upheavals of the late sixties Picking up where Fleming left off Sebastian Faulks takes Bond back to the height of the Cold War in a story of almost unbearable pace and tension Devil May Care not only captures the very essence of Fleming's original novels but also shows Bond facing dangers with a powerful relevance to our own tim. .

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