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The Innocent Anthropologist Notes from a Mud HutThat reminds me oddly enough of the way that Hugh Grant s characters often poke fun at themselves in movies It s totally British totally honest and tterly candidI kept wanting to nderline entire paragraphs for going back and laughing at them again later Here are a few of my favoritesYoung anthropologists know all about missionaries before they ve met any They plan a large role in the demonology of the subject beside self righteous administrators and exploitative colonials The only intellectually respectable response to a tin rattled In One S Face one s face someone collecting for missionary work is a reasoned refutation of the whole concept of missionary interference Missions destroy traditional cultures and self

reducing peoples all over the to the state of helpless baffled morons living on charity and in economic and cultural thralldom to the West The great dishonesty lies in exporting to the Third World systems of thought that the West itself has largely discarded And then he goes on to describe how much he enjoyed his time with missionaries and enjoyed shopping at their store To the jaded ravenous fieldworker this their store was an Aladdin s cave of imported goodies at reduced pricesThe book lagged a bit for me near the end where he wrote about the actual practices of the people He Was Studying Then was studying Then gets hilarious again when he describes his return home to EnglandThe anthropologist traveller goes away for what seems an inordinately long period to other worlds ponders cosmic problems ages greatly When he returns on a few months have elapsed The acorn he planted has not become a great tree it has scarcely had time to put forth a tentative shoot Only his closest friends have noticed he has been away at all It is positively insulting how well the world functions without one While the traveller has been away estioning his most basic assumptions life has continued sweetly The Winds of Winter unruffled Friends continue to collect matching French saucepans The acacia at the foot of the lawn continues to come along nicelyBeing English seems as much a pose as being Dowayo You find yourself discussing the things that seem important to your friends with the same detached seriousness that yoused to discuss witchcraft with your villagers The result of this lack of fit is a brooding sense of insecurity only heightened by the vast numbers of rushing white people you meet everywhereAnything concerned with shopping seems inordinately difficult The sight of the shelves of a supermarket groaning with super abunance of food induces either nauseous revulsion or helpless dithering I would either go three times round the store and give Comece por você up the attempt to decide or buy vastantities of the most luxurious goods and whimper with the terror that they would be snatched from meToo perfect I highly recommend this book to anyone who has found themselves living in a cross cultural situation for an extended period of time While the details might not match the feel certainly will And the wonderful self deprecation of the author will. Cted Unfortunately nobody had told the Dowayo His compulsive witty account of first fieldwork offers a wonderfully inspiring introduction to the real life of a cultural anthropologist doing research There comes a point in every anthropologist s career when they have to stop looking at the academic papers or staring out the window and actually head out into the wide world For Nigel Barley a colleague posed the Orders to Kill uestion Why not go on fieldwork He wasn t sure if it was one of the perks of the job or a necessary evil like national service Speaking to others in the department he would hear tales filtered through rose tinted spectacles where the full horror of events in the field are tempered by time and probably alcoholBut where to go Africa was mentioned and the island of Fernando Po seemed appealing but the political situation there was deteriorating to say the least and getting shot at wasn t on his list of things to do so someone else suggested North Cameroon A tribe there called the Dowayo ticked lots of the boxes strange coming of age rituals pagan rituals skull festivals and mummies He began the task of doing research and securing research funding Barley needed to be stabbed by various medical professionals and two years after he started he was on a plane to AfricaOn arrival in Cameroon he hadnderestimated just how difficult it would be to get from the airport to the village Forms were needed lots of forms as well as being aided by the officials who were interested in reading the paper while the recent arrival slowly lost a large proportion of his wallet Finally allowed entry to the country he set about getting the provisions an assistant and other items that he needed and headed off to the village What he hoped would be a subtle entrance though wasn t when the whole village turned out to greet himThere were lots of things that struck him immediately Having been Lord Conrads Lady (Conrad Stargard, used to a leisurely time of starting work in the UK finding that the village wasp and moving around 530 in the morning was a bit of a shock And there was the language he could not speak a word to begin with and as it was a the language he could not speak a word to begin with and as it was a language he was going to struggle to do so too But every so slowly he manages to master some of the words and amazed them by writing to master some of the words and amazed them by writing down The village slowly accepted him almost to the point where he became an honorary resident He started to Dont Read Poetry understand about the people and their way of doing things Their rituals wereite Everyday Life in Early Soviet Russia unusual and one particular ceremony that made me winceite a lot just reading itIt is a really enjoyable book about a people that took Barley to heart as much as he did with them He writes with a sharp wit and genuine warmth One of the things that he speculates about is how the very act of observing the people you are there to study have an impact on the way they behave and hoehowe anthropologist can never be a passive observer There are funny moments throughout the book in particular the accounts with the officials that he is dealing with and the exasperation at the speed of events in the constant battles against bureaucracy Can highly recommend this This is an The Affair of the Blue Pig utterly hilarious account of an anthropologist going off into his first field assignment in Cameroon He has a wittiness. Note This book was originally published as Not a Hazardous Sport When British anthropologist Nigel Barley setp home among the Dowayo people in northern Cameroon he knew how fieldwork should be condu. .

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Keep you in stitches the whole way through Much has been written on the excellence of bats navigation euipment It is all false Tropical bats spend their entire time flying into obstacles with a horrible thudding noise They specialize in slamming into walls and falling fluttering onto your face As my own piece of euipment essential for into walls and falling fluttering onto your face As my own piece of euipment essential for field I would strongly recommend a tennis racket it is devastatingly effective in clearing a room of bats It s been a while since I read a really fun book The Innocent Anthropologist is not really a deep anthropological work but it does give an insight into the life of the Dowayo tribe of Cameroon Nigel Barley a British anthropologist makes a journey to Cameroon to study the rituals and lives of the Dowayos This makes for a humorous entertaining and informative narrativeIt is the 1980s and Cameroon is entrenched in a bureaucratic administrative system Barley exploits it to its full farcical value which makes for most of the chuckles in the book His encounters with the Dowayos the misunderstandings between them and Barley s preconceived assumptions about life in Africa are all presented in a funny manner The book despite being insanely funny depicts Dowayo life with its full rich tapestry of rituals beliefs interactions and customs I enjoyed learning about this hitherto Visual Group Theory (MAA Classroom Resource Materials) unknown tribe for me which only makesp a very small percentage of Cameroon dominated by the larger and powerful Fulani tribe The Dowayos themselves have developed an inferiority complex and often portray themselves as Fulani in order to be taken seriouslyBarley s style is light and it is easy to finish the book In no way is this a heavy read but I liked that I got to learn something while enjoying the humorous writing It is also interesting to note that this Cameroon trip and the study of Dowayos actually made Barley s career and turned pside down
previously held convictions of Western on this subject What I am curious about now is how the Dowayo are faring now in 2019 and where they stand on the current Anglophone Francophone dispute in Cameroon Maybe we need to send Barley back for another installment A bizarrely and nexpectedly funny account of anthropological fieldwork in Cameroon Not that we get to laugh at the ceramics of another culture but rather the misadventures of Europeans in west Africa The author visits a pagan tribe in the back lands the Dowayo He finds a French speaking Christian who works as his translator disapproving naturally of the pagan ways of his fellow tribesmen but Nigel naturally of the pagan ways of his fellow tribesmen but Nigel s first problem is getting hold of a beer bottle at the time in Cameroon you could only buy a bottle of beer if you had a bottle to give to the seller The Dowayo villagers are charmed to have a visitor but insist on building him a rectangular hut rather than a round one since after all he isn t one of them and On Good And Bad unlike themselves he is considered to be naturally witch proof What comes to the fore is not so much the research but the accidents that occur It turns out that mon. N a Third World area Both touching and hilarious Barley'snconventional story in which he survived boredom hostility disaster and illness addresses many critical issues in anthropology and in fieldwo.