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Marriage behind him and Dante is a serial monogamist moving from one fianc to the next in rapid succession a trail of broken hearts in his wake Turns out the most broken heart belongs to Griff who is harbouring a major league crush on Dante In fact he is in love with him but it s his deep dark secret as the fire service world is predominantly heterosexual and gay men are just faggots How hard for Griff to hold Dante so dear in his heart but yet be nable to hold him in his armsWe relive their horrific 911 experiences through Griff s recollections and it s a pretty harrowing account I really felt like I was there in the choking dust with them the horror of the day coming through loud and clear the fear for their loved ones the not knowing what was happening who was still alive who had been lost It s incredibly visual and I felt totally transported and felt their pain This day casts a lengthy shadow over their livesDante gets himself into financial difficulties but can make an easy buck by wanking on the web for a sleazy website called Hothead He can make even money if Griff does it with him and they participate in a few extra curricular activities and talks him into it So they both go through the motions ostensibly to make a fast buck but they are both seriously getting off on it just Bounce unable to give words to their growing feelings Their first kiss was a real shocker for me Could I find two men kissing erotic Well short answer Hell Yeah They first lock lips in the firehouse and almost get caught but holy hell is it ever hot Their antics on the website prompt their eventual experimentation with each other in real life and this is finally when I started to like Dantep Dams, Dynamos, and Development until this point I d thought he was just a cocky brash player They are in fact polar opposites Griff is stoic steady thoughtful Dante wears his heart on his sleeve a jealous possessive Italian Griff grewp with a cold homophobic father who had merely existed rather than lived since his wife died Dante grew Good Friends, Good Guns, Good Whiskey up in the heart of a big noisy but very loving Italian familyTogether they make a stunning couple perfect for each other What the rest of the world will think of them together really does remain to be seen So for my first m m romance this was a great place to start there is a real intensity to their passion that I hadn t really expected An eye opener for sure So I read my first m m romance and very much enjoyed their passion and I m definitely going to read m m Seems romance is romance and it doesn t matter if it s m f m m f f or a whopping great and smexy menage So long as the passion is there it s definitely for me I don t know where to start with this review First In my country there are NO hot firemen Nope They don t do calenders cause most of them are old lol if there were hotties like Griff and Dante I d set my own tree on fire just to have them come to the rescue Second Before I start with the story and all I have to say the writing style was something new for me I mean I m pretty good at english have no problems reading books written in it but here swear to God I sometimes had no idea what some expressions meant and most of them were related to sex masturbation and all kinds of different names for a penis lol my dictionary just got bigger and the sex scenes very very intense also not what I msed to they were not bad just different Maybe it s because the book is written by a man so it s a totally different perspective and I kinda trust he knows better than female MM writers XD The story I actually had no idea what was waiting for me I remember reading lots of reviews about it some time ago but I guess I forgot cause all I thought was that this is going to be about some firemen and a guy in love with "his best friend well the porn website got "best friend Well The porn website got by surprise And the stuff they filmed But ok I got over it lol The characters Griff and Dante were amazing Just wow In the beginning Griff was comming to terms with his #attraction to Dante and constantly hiding it I felt really bad for him he was nder pressure for being # to Dante and constantly hiding it I felt really bad for him he was nder pressure for being love with his best friend and the fact that he was gay and keeping it a secret from everyone Dante was adorable a real goof I wish there were some chapters from Dante s perspective but I guess that wasn t supposed to be Griff was hurting through most of the book some scenes got me a stomach ache they were so intense LOVE the way it all ended won t write any spoilers just that there was a perfect happy end They deserved it Best scenes Griff finds Dante in the hospital after the towers fell I cried at that one the dinner with Dante s sister and her kid and Griff imagining what their kid would look like 3 their first kiss in the shower HOT when Griff overhears Dante s conversation with his dad Griff and Alex talk in the studio the morning after their first sex the ending of course FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED I LOVE GRIFFIN MUIR That is all I know he s got red hair but that picture was just perfectI have a HUGE stupid grin in my face every time I think about this book Why did it end Griff Dante are besties they work together as firemen madre mia we don t have those firemen in Spain From the beginning of their story we know Griff is confused about his feelings for Dante He doesn t know if he is gay but he knows he gets a boner every time Dante is close He is got lousy taste about women Eventually you lose the taste Dante is a womanizer he is a hot guy typical Italian you know a Casanova My fuckin hero Yeah that s Dante he flirts with everyone Griff includedAnd one night after a silly fight between them Dante kissed Griff on his cheek and CLICK something happened inside GriffThe thing is Dante is having cash problems and needs money to pay his mortgage If he doesn t get money PRONTO he will lose his ho Turns out the author s writing isn t the only thing I find disgusting about him 49% could not finish I found the writing style to choppy and chaotic to nderstand what was going on in the story Unapologetically sentimentalBy turns elegiac and blunt with the occasional breathtakingly beautiful turn of phrase By no means a perfect novel it s still rich with symbolism and compassion and searingly hot sexIt s pretty silly but in that fun way you can really get into when the mood s rightAbove all it is at its heart a very very romantic story and one whose imagery will stay with me for some timeAlso hot firemen So y know that It s impossible to be your own hero yes 45 Stars My not so interesting MM history I remember about a year ago when I started noticing many of my GR friends latching onto the MM fanclub I mentioned it to my husband and said something to the effect of I wonder what all of these women get from two guys together And after wrinkling his nose in disgust he replied Well guys fantasize about two girls together to which I wrinkled p my nose in disgust Vaginas Eeewwmaybe I m likea half gay manWell after seeing the interest and popularity of this subgenre go a little bit cray cray and
after reading mainstream 
reading mainstream such as Suzanne Brockmann s Troubleshooter s series Jules and Robin SWOON and JR Ward s Black Dagger Brother hood huinn and Blay SWOON SWOON I realizedahemyeah two guys together is kinda hot blushing Add in some angst and romance Now just what is keeping me from jumping on the bandwagon Why nothing actually So my lovely friend V and I decided to do our. Riff has hidden his heart in a half life of public heroics and private anguishGriff’s caution and Dante’s cockiness make them an Misfortune Cookies (When the Fat Ladies Sing unbeatable team To protect his buddy there’s nothing Griff wouldn’t dontil a nearly bankrupt Dante proposes the worst possible solution HotHeadc. I want a special button to give books than five starsI have had to really sit down and think about writing this review as I don t know if my words could ever do this book or Damon Suede s writing justiceand HELL YES it really is that good In fact it is the best mm book I have read so far When he wrote this book he must have been feeling it from the heartI know because I felt every emotion from raw and deep to sweet and endearing right along with the characters it is either ripping your heart out or you are laughing out loud You can tell that a man wrote this book it was true to the characters their way of thinking conversation structures the language it was all very male and masculinereal men rough and ruggedThis is the story of two best friends Fire fighters Griff and Dante and their love and friendship that transcends from childhood How the tragedy of 911 moulded and shaped their lives and how they deal with and Unraveling Josh (Ellery College, understand their feelings for each other and the stigma in this bigoted world of being GayGriff is a darlingtotallynassuming and and A Consortium of Worlds unaware of just how endearing and gorgeous he is at 6ft 5 cinnamon red hair grey eyes and a peaches and cream complexion who blushes at the slightest embarrassmentOh and he wears a kiltHOT Griff s mother died when he was 9 and Dante s family the Anasagio s nutty Italian family with 6 kids practically adopted him as his father was always working and never had time for his only son The Anasagio s however adored him and threw a warm blanket of love and affection over him as though he were their own DanteOMG this man is a crazy ass cocky mouthy hot headed loose cannon with an infectious grin a bit loose with the ladies man whore with a hard body coiled like rope and totally not fazed by life After 911 he is the only one left sane and in a manner that can only be Dante puts every one back together including his best friend Despite outward appearances Dante is almost child like in his need to be protected by Griff kind of naive in a way that you just want to engulf him in your arms and give him a big hugAs it was told from Griff s point of view you only really get an insight to his thoughts and emotions projected so well to the reader through out the book that I too went through that spectrum with him seeing the world through his eyes and believe me it was a cacophony of every single oneit had me exhausted The confused conversations he had with himself deliberating the fact that he might be gay and in love with his best friend had me chuckling then there were the times When his inner voice had me jumpingp and down on the spot like a child that can t get their own way shouting Tell him already Say something WTFDo something Oh boy I was having a right to do with him The worst by far was when I felt like my heart was in a vice being sueezed to the point of bursting The pain in my chest was The Sublime unbearable I had snot nosed tears and was gulping for breath I was so emotionally involved in this couple they were killing me from the inside How many book s can you say evoke that kind of emotion Reread July 2019 AudioNarration 45 Pants OffCharlie David has become another fave He made me feel like a voyeur listening in on something private and intimate I love Hot Head so much and heneuivocally brought Griff and Dante to lifeLove GETTING HEAD HAS NEVER BEEN THIS HOT Still a 5 read in 2018More of my reviews and thoughts on my blog PANTS OFF REVIEWSHot Head is critically acclaimed by me this book was the Kool Aid and by Kool Aid I mean the shit I loved every fecking minute of it It s rough raw and ready wait a sec is that not some other book Well those words describe this book perfectly stuffs on fire feelings are blazing hot The men like it rough and they are always ready Forget it this is starting to sound extremely cheesySo The Setting Is New setting is New years after the September 11th attacks on the Trade Centres It s a big celebration within the city Honouring the firefighters and cops who died and worked hard to rescue people Therefore they had overcome and tragedy led to Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical unity Fun side It s a big dick and pussy fest horny for firemen women come out to play and firefighters and other city workers know they be getting their dicks wet man this book makes me wanna type all dirtySo Griff the firefighter is having strong feelings for his best friend where that sounds totally clich this clich works This is no sappy I have feelings for you and as I confess myndying love we have the most amazing sex Griff emotions are realistic his love stems from a long friendship Not just a close friendship but it borderlines brotherhood Griff the adopted member of Dante s family They know him they love him and he s dying to fuck there I go again their son their brother their Hell Phone uncle and his best friendDante is having some money troubles so he hitsp making a little porn What s wrong with a little whack fest to make some ick money Not a damn thing Dante not a darn thing Well Griff has a problem with it but that won t stop him from a little whack fest of his own When push comes to shove though Griff has Dante s back in ways than one A little porn experiment might lead to some big things some real big thingsAlright lets get serious I love this book the characters are strong and the story though not romantic is captivating This is a man struggling with his feelings for another man in a profession and life where being gay is a death sentence Because nothing makes you less of "a man like loving another man or so those bigoted bitches say For a long time Griff has "man like loving another man or so those bigoted bitches say For a long time Griff has with his feelings and what you realize is the heart wants what the heart wants Though the outside world might hate them when their together first they must figure out the whole I am in love with best friend before they can worry about anyone elseHowever some readers might find the whole porn thing estionable Who hasn t risked their job for a little porn I risk my job as a perfect parent with the amount of man love I watch read and think about I think if anything it made the book stronger because what we know is that nothing brings two people closer than making pornLoved Dante he was my sexy Italian hottie I wanted to eat him Nascars Wildest Wrecks up Griff was adorable and sweet and you just want him to get his HEA How can you not fall in love with someone who is willing to do anything for the person he loves It s a great GFY gay for you and I hope I get from my HotHead boys So many wonderful things in this book HOT MAN SEX and that other stuff about feelings winks This is my first foray into the malemale romance genre One of my GR friends has long been trying to convince me to try this so I told her to choose me a book and this is one she selected I like to think that I m an open minded reader and reviewer and I ve been looking forward to stepping onto pastures newI told my husband I was about to read a gay romance between two New York firefighters and he gave me a look ofnmitigated horror Why on earth would you want to read that he asked I asked him how he would feel if me and Angelina Jolie were to get naked and make out in front of him He developed a misty eyed faraway look point made I feelSo onto Griff and Dante both firefighters in New York We join them on the 10th anniversary of 9 11 firefighters drink for free on this night apparently They ve been friends since childhood Griff has a failed. Where there’s smoke there’s fireSince 911 Brooklyn firefighter Griff Muir has wrestled with impossible feelings for his best friend and partner at Ladder 181 Dante Anastagio Unfortunately Dante is strictly a ladies’ man and the FDNY isn’t exactly gay friendly For ten years .
MM cherry popping togethereewww Vare we that friendly and randomly polled our penis loving friends After much deliberation okay one convoit wasn t that hard to choose Hot Head was chosen as a great intro to the mysteries of all that is MaleMale romance The Book First we meet Griffin Muir A ginger haired six foot four inch KILT WEARING firefighter in New York City Griff is a tender lost soul living a normal life And while I never got the sense that Griff is totally fucked A Land More Kind Than Home up in the head this author did an amazing job of delving into the psyche of a conflicted soul Griff has led a tough kind of life mainly due to his lack of family and support system that are so important to the human spirit Thank God that he s had Dante Anastagio his best friend and the entire Anastagio family to step in and give him love and support for all of his life s moments Griff tried the marriage route but after the brutal effects that 911 had on his mental state his marriage failed and he s back to being a powerhouse of one Except that he s not just one Because Dante is there for him and with him every day endlessly supportive in his own BIG LOUD Italian obnoxious way Dante aside from being the best friend that Griff could ever ask for is a big time skirt chaser This Italian Stallion sure livesp to the stereotype Being a firefighter in New York City after the sensationalism surrounding firefighters became so prevalent makes women easy pickings and Dante takes advantage of his God hood In fact in their younger days Griff and Dante occasionally dabbled with women together because why notOnly for some time now Dante s big Italian hugs and gorgeous black eyes have had of an effect on Griff than any woman ever had And tactile as Dante is it s becoming hard to hide the effect he has on his friend He needed to sit down and talk about everything and nothing with the only person who turned him inside out without even trying My Thoughts So V and I decided on this one because we had heard that it was a little sexier than the other choice we were consideringthe penis the better is that right V But I really was blown away by the romance that was within these pages Griff just broke my heart over and over again He didn t just pine for his best friend He longed for Dante But the thought that Dante would ever reciprocate wasn t even a remote possibility in his mind So Griff tries to tentatively explore the feelings that he s only now admitting to himselfhe s attracted to men Is he gay But what if he s only attracted to that ONE person The one person he could never admit these feelings to Not only will he lose Dante but the only family that he s ever knownreally his only people in all the world Mr Muir loving your Dante is not a bad thing He certainly loves youalthough I don t know if he can love you in the way you wish Or I wish for that matter Only he knows You nderstand Life is very rarely romantic When has a moment of revelation about the state of his finances and his half baked idea to save himself Griff is fairly stunned And for good reason Because this idea includes Griffand Danteand lots of naked skin It s than Griff ever dreamed he d get from Dante and yet he still has to hold back because losing Dante for good would destroy him Dante s openness with his sexuality and his best buds will do anything for each other mentality don t mean that Griff can reveal his feelings They just mean that he ll get a fantasy come to life and he plans on rolling with itNow this story is loadedand I do mean LOADED with sexual tension After all men think about sex every four minutes or something like that I m a healthy American female but good grief So seeing as how this was written by a man and is about TWO men the lotsa sexy times should be a foregone conclusion But I was wrong there That is not to say that there isn t a good amount of sexy timesthere are ite a few fantasy inducing scenesmasturbation and voyeuristic and yummy like that But the actual sex is reserved for one of the hottest most beautifully romantic hottest sweetest hottest intense and oh yeah did I mention HOTTEST love scenes ever It almost makes me wish Damon Suede would lower himself enough to write a hetero book because I could totally se his kind of loving in some of my other romances The big difference that I noticed when it comes to the sex is how dirty It Iswhile Still Retaining Romance iswhile still retaining romance But the amount of fluid and lack of fastidiousness and the tter raw animal lust that is involved was staggering This is sex at the most primal level a need that goes beyond lust Simply put It Was Awesome Although why can you not do that to a woman Griff No excuses buddywomen are not fragile creatures and I felt like he was patting women on their little heads as an excuse to treat them as such I had a couple of issues with some things mainly don t excuse your homosexuality Griff So you didn t lust after your wife like you lust after Dante She wanted #rough passionate sex and you didn t That s not because you wanted to be gentle # passionate sex and you didn t That s not because you wanted to be gentle s because you re gay Maybe that lesson was learned for him later in the book idk Another pigeonholing all Republicans as gay bashing budget cutters is the same as any other stereotyping so I wish that people would be careful with that Granted this was one tiny comment but it s a sensitive subject for me Last thing the CHEATING Holy crap does every married firefighter cheat in this book From page one at the ten year anniversary of 911 husband infidelity is rampant in this book and it got to be a bit of a downer Anniversary for the death of hundreds of your comrades Go fuck a new girl Having problems at workhomelife Pick a hoochie any hoochie Even the newly out setup for Suede s next book was cheating on his wife I m not one to forgive that slip p very easily and despite Tommy s heartbreaking story he s still a cheater How can I get behind that We ll seeSo my apologies for this ridiculously long reviewI m so glad that I finally took the plunge Many thanks to those who encouraged me even after my wishy washiness Griff and Dante are such a memorable couple and I m anxiously awaiting by this awesome authorMy favorite oteNo one deserves to be punished for loving with an open heart I love youDante Inigo AnastagioYou ll never know how much YesI was soso afraid that Dante will never know how much Griff loved himI was afraid that Dante will never know what he mea 5 eternally burning stars Review edited February 29 2016Where there s smoke there s fireThoughtful Passionate Emotional Evocative Raw JustbeautifulI read Hot Head for the first time back in 2012 and distinctly remember that a certain part of the blurb put me off It s the part about the HotHeadcom gay porn website However don t let this little detail deter you from reading this fabulous story Besides the porn formance part is bloody amazing and off the charts hot And since I was so absorbed by the smexylicious Dante and Griff there was simply "no time to ponder over possible porn vibes anyway On the other hand it s ite possible that the "time to ponder over possible porn vibes anyway On the other hand it s ite possible that the sex scenes will melt your panties Ahemdo you have a fire extinguisher stashed somewhere at your home That tool might come in handy because Damon s writing might melt than your girlie bits Also I must say that Alek was the opposite of a sleazy scumbag To my surprise he turned out to be an honest and very likab. Om a gay porn website where niformed hunks get down and dirty And Dante wants them to appear there together Griff may have to guard his heart and live out his darkest fantasies on camera Can he rescue the man he loves without wrecking their careers their families or their friendshi. .