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On the common xercises dog sport people tend to play But for someone fairly new to dog training this is a wonderful resource Really great informationThe books is set up chronologically for puppy developement phases but I found it important to read the later chapters up front There was content at the Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) end that applies toarly stages and it illuminates the goals behind some of the arly x. Ell as a potential performance dog The FOCUSed Puppy presents a variety of foundation xercises for your pup’s first year The book tells you xactly what skills you should be working on and when By following Foraging for Survival each step you and your puppy will build a wonderfully rewarding relationship that will carry over intoverything you do together And once his foundation skills are set you can asily Take Your Training In Any Direction You your training in any direction you you have adopted an older dog the The Focused Puppy can also be helpful "TO YOU RATHER THAN TRYING TO BUILD ON A "you Rather than trying to build on a foundation based on previous or poorly taught xperiences you can simply start fresh with the FOCUS Training SystemStart out on the right track with your dog and build his. In my first reading "I Enjoyed This Book this book than The Second Reading Where second reading where I it to be a little choppy in seuence and not as helpful in terms of performance training as one would Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries expect for the title This book is tailored towards the novice trainer It is well structured with detailed descriptions of thexercises but uses luring than I prefer and I didn t always like their variations. A new puppy is a blank slate with ndless possibilities It’s a new beginning that offers you a chance to get it right and not repeat past mistakes Anyone who has trained a dog before loves that feeling of starting fresh believing this new puppy will be the best one ver But a new puppy is also pressure A new puppy means a major time commitment not only in how much time you have to spend with him but in being sure to do all the right things at the right moments This book integrates the authors’ FOCUS Fun Obedience Consistency Unbelievable Success Training System techniues with the developmental stages and specific needs of pups and young dogs The goal is to help you prepare your puppy to become an xcellent companion as ErcisesA little guidance would be helpful to What Skillsexercises Are Important "what skillsexercises important companion dogs compared to competition dogs For xample the book instructs you to teach the puppy that it should not leave an open door crate until a verbal release cue is given That seems unnecessarily complicated for a pet ven though the general self control xercises are generally applicable. Foundation skills at the right time in the right order And njoy the process; you’re about to mbark on an amazing learning xperience The Focused Puppy includes over 280 full color photosAbout the AuthorsDeborah Jones PhD and Judy Keller developed the FOCUS program in 2003 This program is designed to help trainers form a good working relationship with their performance dogs Deb has an academic background in learning theory and social behavior She is also an innovator in the use of the clicker in dog training Judy has been on the AKC Agility World Team three times winning team gold in 1998 Both Deb and Judy share a strong commitment to using training

that are positive and gentle are also fficient and ffective.

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The Focused Puppy
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