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Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between eRk out or not the baby would be taken care of No this was no declaration ofternal love I read this book as part of an arc program This was the story of Sophia a young woman who was recently divorced after finding her husband cheating When Sophia moved into the penthouse she got in the settlement she meets her neighbors Blake and Adam Franklin The brothers are billionaire businessmen and are regularly featured in the financial news where Sophia is starting as a reporter There is an immediate connection between the brothers and Sophia but because of her strict catholic upbringing Sophia feels guilty for her feelings Both brothers want to date Sophia so they agree to date and The Day Christ Was Born eventually allow Sophia to decide between them When Sophia can t chose they try to have a three way relationship Sophia also faces pressure from her family as well as herx to reunite but she only wants the brothers I liked this story "I thought they had great chemistry I liked how the brothers "thought they had great chemistry I liked how the brothers Sophia and wanted her to be happy Good one 45 stars Excellent billionaire manage romance Sophia grew up in a strict Mexican Catholic nvironment Her family were best friends with her x husband s family They all grew up together and she and Tony were xpected to friends with her x husband s family They all grew up together and she and Tony were xpected to did marry Unfortunately her husband repeatedly cheated on her yet both he and her were xpected to did marry Unfortunately her husband repeatedly cheated on her yet both he and her held her to a higher standard and Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America expected her to accept his infidelity In her settlement she took only his high rise condominium where he housed his mistresses Her neighbors are billionaires who can t believe what Tony did but they both come to care about and both want her She comes to a crossroad in her new life with the brothers Adam and Blake The author did a good job showing Sophia s acceptance of her feelings and independence Blake and Adam take care of her in the ways she needs and without judgement The only reason I didn t give this 5 stars is due to the unusual yet HEAnding I received a complementary copy of this book and chose to write a review I look forward to reading future books by this author Sophie is trying to start over after finding out that her now The Pocket Wife ex husband had been cheating on her Shended up with the penthouse that he used to cheat on her in Her family is still pressuring her to go back to him that men make mistakes but she is holding her own this time On. Ligent accomplished and newly divorced Sophia Nueva moves into the penthouse beside theirs its love at first sight for all The Penthouse Threesome WOW What a sexy sizzling short story by Natasha Spencer Sofia is starting over after learning her soon to be The Color of Our Sky ex husband was a filthy no good cheater All she wants is the penthouse love pad apartment herx used for his affairs Billionaire tech brothers Adam Blake Franklin live in the other penthouse have the pleasure of meeting Sofia the very first day Instant attraction the chemistry between the three is off the charts Yes the three of them What happens when they act on their attraction Can Sofia convince her Mother her x that the marriage is over What happens when Sofia discovers she s pregnant To find out how their story goes be sure to add this new release to your own library I received an Advance Review Copy new release to your own library I received an Advance Review Copy this new release am leaving my honest review Customer Review50 out of 5 starsShared Love and a BabyBy sewsum on 6 April 2018Sophia moves into the apartment she received in her divorce settlement and begins a new life as a single woman Sheltered from life by her strict catholic mother and her husband she is now able to make her own decisions for the first time in her life She met with Blake and Adam Franklin neighbours and finds them both attractive and friendly This book was just okay and I felt like it could have been better For both attractive and friendly This book was just okay and I felt like it could have been better For thing Sophia and her ntire family worked on my last nerve They irked me a lot Obsession especially with Tony and his mother being so arrogant Sophia s mother was just as aggravating Now what really got to me It was ok but there were several things that irked med For starters God I m just not interested in this when reading romance It would have beennough drama with the Cabaret: A Roman Riddle ex and the mothers There was in my opinion no soulmate orven friendship between Sophia and her x She can t talk about things because he takes it further to his mother Then the brothers Even though the menage relationship was their idea it wasn t thought through The lder was actually about to cheat I didn t think it would be necessary to mention that they were xclusiveAdam was a known ladies man How do the 3 xpect to keep their relationship secret when he is often in the newspaper A rich young and handsome man is subject for speculation so if he disappears socially someone will get curious sooner or laterThe All Roads Lead Home end was a HFN When writing the will oneven said wether their wo. Blake and Adam Franklin are billionaire brothers handsome debonair and known for dating ditsy supermodels But when the intel. .
Her first vening there she runs into the Franklin Brothers When Moving In And when moving in and help her finish moving in They didn t know that their previous neighbor was her husband but are than happy to help her move on Blake and Adam both want her and can tell right off that they may have to nd up sharing her but before they say anything they ach have a few dates with her After some family drama Sophie tells the guys that she can t choose between them They tell her that they can continue a relationship with the them sharing her When she nds up pregnant she worries if the brothers will be upset Especially When She Doesn T when she doesn t who the father is Can Sophie Adam and Blake have an unconventional relationship with Sophie s strict Catholic upbringing What will her family say about her lifestyleThis is a great story about a woman finding her own way after a divorce The chemistry between Sophie Adam and Blake is sizzling hot Once I started this book I couldn t put it down This was a very The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis entertaining and well written storyI voluntarily read and reviewed this book BETTER COME PREPARED FOR SOME AWESOME READI really need this address Anybody got any ideas LOL Dang guys you re no fun I like the way this tale hooked me right from start Ok now that we vestablished that I liked it I m going to tell you some whys But you can bet they aren t the usual ones my buddies are probably sharing right about now Nuh that play by play bit doesn t cut it with me I mean come on you read the blurb maybe ven a teaser or two I don t know I only know that I lik Menage story about Sophia who recently separated and starts a relationship with both her two hot neighbours and gets pregnant while her x claimed that she was infertile Her family disagrees with her choice but there is a HEA It was an OK read this is not the best book written by this authorI received an ARC of this book and this is my voluntary review A decent menage romance There were a couple of scenes that rubbed me the wrong way and had me uestioning the relationship and their feelings I liked that the characters were developed and distinctive The nding though nice struck me as a HFN situation Overall an okay menage romance that is a uick read with a little bit of drama from the family and x husband I received an ARC of this book and this is my voluntary and honest review. F them How will Sophia choose between the two handsome brothers Or will she have to Which brother is the father of their chi. ,

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Her Billionaire Baby Daddies