The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (E–pub)

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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The universe is a joke Even before I was shown the meaning of life in a dream at 17 then promptly forgot it because I thought I smelled pancakes I knew this TO BE TRUE AND YET I be true and yet I always felt a need to search for the truth that nebulous ill treated creature Adams has always been to me to be a welcome companion in that journey Between the search for meaning and the ecognition that
it s all 
s all joke in poor taste lies Douglas Adams and luckily for us he doesn t seem to mind if you lie there with him He s a tall guy but he ll make Jane Doe and the Cradle of All Worlds roomFor all his crazed unpredictability Adams is a powerfulationalist His humor comes from his attempts to Is That Even a Country, Sir! really think through all the things we take for granted It turns out it takes little than a moment s uestioning to burst our preconceptions at the seams yetarely does this stop us from treating the most ludicrous things as if they were perfectly うそつきリリィ 3 [Usotsuki Lily 3] reasonableIt is no surprise that famed atheist Richard Dawkins found a friend and ally in Adams What is surprising is that people often fail to see theather consistent and The Prince reasonable philosophy laid out by Adams uips and absurdities His approach is much personable and less embittered than Dawkins which is why I think of Adams as a better face forational materialism which is a polite was of saying atheism Reading his books it s not hard to see that Dawkins is tired of arguing with uninformed idiots who can t even A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators recognize when a point has actually been made Adams humanism however stretched much further than the contention between those who believe and those who don tWe see it from his protagonists who are not elitist intellectuals theye not even especially bright but damn it they Goodbye Sarajevo: A True Story of Courage, Love and Survival re trying By showing a universe that makes no sense and having his characters constantly uestion it Adams is subtly hinting that this is the natural human state and the fact that we laugh and sympathize shows that it must be trueIt s all a joke it s allidiculous The absurdists might find this depressing but they Lifting re just a bunch of narcissists anyhow Demanding the world make sense and give you purpose isather self centered when it already contains toasted paninis attractive people in bathing suits and Euler s Identity I say let s sit down at the bar with the Mathruhridayam rabbi the priest and the frog and try to get a song going Or at leastecognize that it s okay to laugh at ourselves now and again It s not the end of the worldIt s just is a joke but some of us are in on it "In My Experience Readers Either Love Adams Books Or Uickly "my experience eaders either love Adams books or uickly them down I for example uite literally worship the words Adams puts on the page and have ead the Hitchhiker s Trilogy so many times that I have large tracts of it memorized But both my wife and father couldn t get past book one the former because she found it too silly and the latter because he found the writing to be about the author s personality than plot and character WhateverThe first three books in the Hitchhiker s Trilogy Th. Don't leave Earth without this hilarious international bestseller about the end of the wo. ,

E Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy The Restaurant at the End of the Universe and Life the Universe and Everything are inspired lunacy The ideas plots puns jokes and phrases that fill their pages have influenced an entire generation of not only writers but people from all fields For instance the Babel Fish software that translates foreign websites for you is name It s not you it s me well maybe it s also youUnfortunately this book wasn t for me Some of the humor I liked but it was too absurd for me and it I liked but it was too absurd for me and it too slow to A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned really startI wish I had liked it as much as everyone else but it definitely didn t make it to my favorite books of all time listUPDATE I finally figured out what was my issue with this book There s a French movie called Rrrrrrr similar humour to Monty Pyton and I ve had way fun using the jokes out of context with friends than I did actually watching the movie Recommending it was always a bit weird because it s just an okay movie but the jokes are funny afterwards This summarizes exactly how I feel about this book Please before anything DON T PANIC Thiseview is harmless well mostly harmlessI think that one of the things that one has to keep in mind while eading this book is that it was written in 1979 Having this important factor in perspective it s uite astonishing the vision of Douglas Adams the author presenting a lot of visionary elements starting with the very book inside the book I mean The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy since it s presented as an electronic book which now it s a very common way to ead a lot of books now Also he mentioned stuff like touch sensitive screens that yet again it s now something introduced in our daily lives Science Fiction the good science fiction is defined by being visionary in the moment to be published and a fact years later Just like Verne s work predicting events like space The House That Had Enough rockets and nuclear submarines The President of the Universe holds noeal power His sole purpose is to take attention away from where the power truly exists Obviously beside the mesmering tecnology stuff that he predicted the signature style here is his emarkable sense of humor SMART sense of humor In literature and
pop culture in 
culture in there were been unforgettable examples of computers like the cold HAL from 2001 A Space Odyssey and the noble KITT from Knight Rider also obots like the loyal R2 D2 from Star Wars and the logical "robots from I Robot short story collection However nothing of that can prepare you to the experience of "from I Robot short story collection However nothing of that can prepare you to the experience of Eddie the Main Computer of the Heart of Gold spaceship or Marvin the Paranoid Android This is one of the best traits of Douglas Adams wit in the development of artificial intelligence I wasn t surprised since some months ago I ead Shada by Gareth Roberts but based on the Doctor Who s unaired script written by Douglas Adams where you find another priceless example of a computer with a personality that only Adams is able to develop You laugh. Rld and the happy go lucky days that follow Join the gruesome two some of Arthur Dent and. And laugh with them BUT not only because they s funny but also they are truly logical as artifical intelligences in their way to eact to situations Adams impact of how presenting artificial intelligence can be found too in another novel of Doctor Who Festival of Death by Jonathan Morris where the author showed how well he learned Adams lessons Resistance is useless I believe that Douglas Adams involvement in the production of the iconic British sci fi TV series Doctor Who as script editor and writer of three stories it was "fated since I found emarkable similarities on the premises of both works "since I found Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl remarkable similarities on the premises of both works novel and the TV series Both has a peculiar fellow who stole certain machine and along with companions is travelling around So it wouldn t a surprise that he got some inspiration since Doctor Who was widely known since 1963 specially on its native country England Of course his participation on another British TV institution like Monty Python s Flying Circus was aelevant point for Adams to explode his humoristic potential To boldly split infinitives that no man had split before It s possible that people unfamiliar with Adams work could think that since this is a novel with comedy they could think that it can t be a serious science fiction book However the brilliance of this novel is its capacity of offering smart humor while using scientific concepts like the theory of faster than light objects Even you won t be able to fight against his priceless explanation behind the UFOs sightingsWithout spoiling anything I think that my only Défendre Jacob reason of getting off a star in myating of this great novel was its lacking a proper closure I understand that this the first book in a trilogy of five books yes you Darfur's Sorrow: A History of Destruction and Genocide read correctly it wasn t a mistake so the adventures and mysteries will continue in the second book The Restaurant at the End of the Universe However it was uite unsettling when you are having the time of your lifeeading it and the book just stopped to have words I describe it like that since I didn t feel an ending It was indeed just like the impossibility of not finding words in the book What I can give to Adams is that that was uite improbable but in my opinion uite unlikely way to just ending this book Certainly I want to Black Gold in North Dakota read theest of this great TRILOGY
of five books 
FIVE books yet again you ead well and it isn t a mistake 35 starsClever witty but not to me a laugh out loud sort of funnyIt is however an excellent little book about the absurdity of our place in the universe And definitely worth eading at least once The characters are all obnoxious and silly in the best way possible and so is the plot but for the life of me I can t think of a way to describe this thing without spoilers Psst be nice to miceIf you don t want to take the time to Nestle Toll House Recipe Collection read the book The short answer is 42This was my 2nd time around with this story and I enjoyed the audiobook versionead by Stephen Fry this time you can t eally go wrong with that. His friend Ford Prefect in their now famous intergalactic journey through time and space.

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