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Barbara Amiel n est pas une honn te femme dans le sens fran ais de l expression mais elle est r solument une femme tres Honn TeElle Nous Livre Une teElle nous livre une pas comme les autres Jamais elle ne se met en valeur elle tend plut t exag rer les moins bons cotes de sa pers Barbara Amiel is an excellent writer and has lived a fascinating life Not to be missed I ve always had a soft sport for the very tough but also vulnerable Barbara Amiel She has had I do not think you could exactly say enjoyed a very thoroughly lived life but much of it has been tormented by uncertainty insecurity and emotional unhappiness The lack of stability of her early years seems to have reflected in her ill starred romantic life despite her beauty and intelligence both of which you might have expected to have afforded her some protection In Friends AND ENEMIES SHE S TART AND ANGRY BUT ALSO Enemies she s tart and angry but also honest and frank about her own shortcomings and failingsShe takes on her husband s opponents with a scattergun zest naming and shaming aloreDespite previous romantic failures her last husband though obviously loves her deeply and in her book she depicts him despite being battered and weary as almost heartbreakingly optimistic despite the brickbats thrown at him throughout a hellish period of inuisition and inprisonment being held up to ridicule and insult I didn t understand the financial ins and outs but I believe he was betrayed and sold out by people he d been ood to He doesn t strike me as a dishonest crook of a man I once worked at the DT and had to type in a book as a dishonest crook of a man I once worked at the DT and had to type in a book he wrote on some Napoleonic wars tome I thought how reat and unusual it was to have a newspaper Baron of the old sort with a keen interest in history and the intellectual life of his adopted country I hope she and he are able to muster their forces for a second much happier round at life whilst shedding some of those superficial friends and society fakes along the way I found her book dazzling in spirit but also sad and Barbara s devotion to her dogs very moving Reading of their plans to spend time in London well I hope that they do If you are familiar with some of the people involved in this story it does make a fascinating account of Barbara Amiels life even if there are aping holes in the internal coherence of her viewsI read this after reading Tom Bowers bio. NATIONAL BESTSELLERBarbara Amiels much talked about life has been a subject of endless fascination for the media many unauthorized biographies as well as screen depictions An instinctive feminist and now a foe of feminisms political correctness she covers a formidable array of experiences political sexual marital and material in these memoirsBorn in London during World War IIs Blitz the only consistent strains in her life were a fierce belief in her identity as a Jew even as the Jewish community disowned her and an unuestioned view that women were free to do anything in any arena they chose without the need to win societys approval Which she very often did notHer rise to the senior rungs of journalism began in Canada after the emigration of her family and continued in the United Kingdom on her return With four marriages and an assorted number of beaus some famous some infamous some rather young some rather elderly she moved.

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Friends and Enemies: A MemoirNd is the image of a 15 year old irl on her own apartment hunting Also the image of her anger at her partnerfriend s dog left in her care was hard to read The dog probably licked her hand after To me she was an abandoned child who along with her sister went to their mother s funeral and actually didn t recognize the person the people there were talking about That s a sad story all
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its own and her cold survival mode of living She was astounded at the feelings of love for her first Kuvasz because she had never experienced those feelings before and this so late in her lifeI think it is a sad story full of pain so much pain and finally revenge She could have been so much Funny she didn t mention Arlene Rae s kindness wife of Bob Rae She was so kind to her THAT BARBARA SAID SHE COULD ACTUALLY BECOME A LEFTY Barbara said she could actually become a lefty don t think so she just didn tdoesn t have it in herBesides all the sad stuff and the pain it was an interesting read Capote pulled the same thing for different reasons but didn t name names or make lists They all knew who they were thoughIt definitely proves beyond a reasonable doubt that you have to have a thick skin to survive up there I have not finished reading yet but after what I read till now I have to say the Autor is very frankUsually autobiography books are showing their writers in the best possible light Not this time BAmiel is not afraid to tell the truth about herself I really admire her Barbara Amiel is my favorite columnist She has always written with an economy of language creating meaning out of terse images This book departs from that style somewhat with some tedious stories Particularly about the dogs Though she clearly loved them we did not The book by anyone else would have been courageous to write For Barbara it was an existential catharsis A little too much salacious detail but a thoroughly entertaining read nevertheless She and her husband treated harshly no doubt but when the little Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story green eyed monster makes an appearance there is no hiding Everyone should be able to publish a book listing friends and enemies It is areat read apart from the bit about the dog early on I found that very distressing Barbara Amiel was always a How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead great writer and this book is written withreat wit and style It is also a reat overview of the whole Hollinger debacle Highly recommended. S had been for trainspotting and stamp collectingHer life has an operatic uality played out against a backdrop of physical and mental difficulties with a wildly diverse cast including Elton John Henry Kissinger Anna Wintour Oscar de la Renta Princess Diana Tom Stoppard Brooke Astor Margaret Thatcher Gianni Agnelli David Frost and an array of the aristocrats of Manhattan and the stately homes of England All handled she writes with my fatal combination of naivet and self absorption The epic battle with the US justice system leading to the trial and imprisonment of her husband Conrad Black eventually substantially vindicated became a litmus paper for sorting out friends from those who were uick to judge and brutal in their dismissal Friends and Enemies is not a book of vengeance but an attempt to fi nd her own truth a life that reads like a novel elouent surprising written with deeply personal candour and utterly unputdownable. Graphy of Lord and lady Black and standing back from this two sides of the story I can t help feeling that The Blacks while being a little foolish in their need to flout wealth and success were harshly treated by the judicial system mainly in Canada but also The USOf course there are moments when the narrative of this books omits certain points relevant to the convictions and then while BA seems to be broke she is shelling out huge fees on buying training and caring for what sound like two uite vicious dogsIn the end it is entertaining and uite painf You do et an insider s view of the sort of ated
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of the uber I was disappointed to learn that the former Prime minister of Canada Brian Mulroney and His Wife A House In Palm Beach wife a house in Palm Beach t look at people there unless they have 2 million dollars to pay for a house Barbara tells us Nobody is invited to a dinner party unless they are a multi millionaire What silly people Don t they ever o fishing Make a campfire Especially the men using all that time to dress up for social occasions How drippy Unattractive THIS is the kind of person that Canada is electing to the position of Prime minister even now with Justin Trudeau I came away thinking this is all so The writing at times is riveting Keeps you reading when you should be sleeping or excercisingOf course the Blacks are Torontonions and therefore of interest toCanadiansthe author is a journalist as well as being well informed with details of her contemporaries and her Husband s life so she has lotas of material to share with the reader Is surprisingly frank Barbara Amiel using a voice you ve never heard before This book is a fascinating read and written like no other Anyone with an interest in Canadian icon s business or high society will enjoy this read Primed by reviewers I expected anecdotes and revelations delivered with style and wit Halfway through and strugglingI realized this was a book that made me actually feel Moonrise guilty for reading There s no need too beyond the cover portraithaggard would be alluring and failing An account of the delusions of an irredeemably unpleasant woman besotted with her imaginary sexual powerAll the literary worth of a 1960 s soft porn airport paperback For some reason I could not put it down and read it right into the lists What sticks in my mi. Through different worlds encountering problems madeintractable on occasion by her own faulty choicesThough her views on political and social issues were controversial and unpopular it is a measure of her writing skill that she held down plum jobs for many decades in Canadian and British journalism as well as appearances in US publications ranging from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times to the National Enuirer and VogueWhen Barbara Amiels family life broke apart in her early teens she faced problems solved without the benefit of parental Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi guidance in moments that are often hilarious as well as touching As an adult and a writer of unabashedly libertarian views she was derided as much for her wardrobe as for her ideas Promoted by Macleans magazine with the slogan Love her or hate her she was philosophical I love liberty opera sex and fashion she once told an interviewer But life would have been easier if my passion.