[FREE] Board Book How to Charm a Llama

N part ff the front Overall it s a cool idea but could be better executed Let me start by saying we have LOTS Disgrace (Department Q, of these sensory books and my daughter LOVES them Thisne is no different from the rest in regards to the story and illustrations being cute That said the 2 way seuins Monsoon on the cover are PERFECT They are sewn ON TOPf the page However the rest Slice by Slice of the seuins throughout the book are between pages insteadf Angels Flight (Legion of Angels Book 8) on top so my daughter and myself struggles to get them to change and when she does get them to flipnly the center seuins flip Ice Maiden over So great idea cute story just poor executionn the design I bought this book because my granddaughter LOVES You Must Never Touch a Monster with all Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle of the silicone areas to feel I thought that this would be similar but different enough to give her another experience The ideaf rubbing the seuins different ways to give different patterns was intriguing but in practice it s hard for me to move the seuins around much less an 8 month ld It is a very sturdy well made book just not as good an Experience As I Would Ve as I would ve I love this book so much I ve bought several for every little ne we know and 3 for And Cowboy Makes Three our great niece to donate to her church library after she came to blows with another 1 yearl. Ect for young children with a funny rhyme that explains how to correctly charm a llama Childr. Adorable book Bought for my 6month Teasing Her SEAL old she loves the seuences every page Wewn so many f these books we love them all So the seuences n every page We so many f these books we love them all So and engaging Perfect book for #llama lovers my granddaughter chooses this book ver #lovers My granddaughter chooses this book Paixão Sem Disfarce overver Adorable book My 1 yr Rain old daughter loves it It has different seuinsn each page Plus it s super colorful and just adorable Definitely a great buy Adorable fun book Purchased for my granddaughter to go with her Valentine s Day present It has uickly become a favorite with its flashy seuins Good uality for the price Arrived uickly and in perfect condition This is a cheaper uality than In the Matter of the Complaint Against Egbert C. Smyth and Others, Professors of the Theological Institution in Phillips Academy, Andover ones sold in stores It looks like its missing partf the front cover The front Lama part peels right I Met Someone off Received it already coming up a bit Returned it My kids LOVEEE this book It s really cool how they can move the seuins and they become a different color This is in their top 5 fav books ever and we havever a 100 The cover works perfectly but each page inside has a design flaw The seuins are inset which means they can t flip all the way This can lead to some frustration and attempts to bend tear the edges f the pictures which block themThis book held up fine with my daughter s not too gentle handling until my cat ripped the seui. If you want to charm a llama you need this book This llama themed touch and feel book is perf.

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D during SERVICE EVERYONE IS FASCINATED WITH THIS WONDERFUL LITTLE BOOK I love the idea and it was fascinating for my child Only concern is that it is a bit delicate and a few f the llama s have been torn ff by
An Overly Excited Infant 
overly excited infant ve had a lot f fun with it though I really really wanted to love this book and was so excited when I purchased it My daughter has a pillow with the same concept Last Man Standing of running her handver the seuins to flip them ver and change the color My issue with this book is that it appears that you color My issue with this book is that it appears that you be able to do this however every ne that I touched resulted In Seuins Breaking Off Now I M seuins breaking Classic Krakauer: Mark Foo's Last Ride, After the Fall, and Other Essays from the Vault off Now I m cautious grown adult so I didn t press too hard they simply just broke in contact I have a 2 yearld that is used to books that encourage her to touch specific areas so she s going to want to touch the seuin areas and I guarantee she will be far aggressive So now I m stuck with a book that will easily break and create choking hazards for my infant The story is cute but the seuins were a big disappointment It s a great idea but not well thought Toxic Game (A GhostWalker Novel) out Theuter layer Canada of seuins are trapped under the boarder which stops the next few rows from turningver It was a huge disappointment I hope they remake this in a better wa. En will love watching the color change as they interact with the two way seuins n every spre. ,
Board Book How to Charm a Llama

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