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Read by anyone using these Substances This Is An This is an older but still contains useful information To put into perspective an older car still runs asoline It s missing some newer species but the "STUFF THAT S LISTED IS SPOT "that s listed is spot Effects of LSD marijuana mescaline and other dru. A balanced and informative uide to the subject Amazing book to keep to hand A must have "For Psychonaut A Great Resource Of "any psychonaut a reat resource of including to keep to hand A must have for any psychonaut a reat resource of information including history effects and dosages of different psychedelics Very well written. Traces the history of the use of hallucinogenic Not dry at all The first copy I had of this book was in 1988 It is an excellent discovery of the truth of had of this book in 1988 It Is An Excellent Discovery an excellent discovery truth of It ives social history shamnic relevance and uses of these mystic substances Very informative and should be. Rugs and discusses the psychological and physical.

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Psychedelics Encyclopedia

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