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He stayed It was good to get the facts straight and all his connections with family abroad and famil. Re River in New JerseyUpon his escape from France in Joseph arrived in the new land with a fortune in hand and shortly embarked upon building and fitting ut the magnificent New Jersey estate he called Point Breeze The palatial house was filled with paintings and sculpture by such luminaries as David Canova Rubens and Titian The surrounding park extended to acres f luxuriously landscaped gardens with twelve miles f carriage roads an artificial lake and a network DOGA AST of subterranean tunnels that aroused much local speculationStroud recounts how Joseph became friend and host to manyf the nation s and most cultivated citizens and how his art played a crucial role in transmitting high European taste to America He never ceased longing for his homeland however Despite his republican airs he never stopped styling himself as the Coun. ,

Very interesting book I was inspired to Read It *After Visiting Lake *After Visiting Lake *visiting Lake Bonaparte in where. Joseph Bonaparte King Poems (The I Tatti Renaissance Library) of Naples and Spain claimed that he had never wanted theverpowering roles thrust upon him by his illustrious younger brother Napoleon Left to his Bleach, Volume 05 own devices he would probably have been a lawyer in his native Corsica a country gentleman with leisure to read the great literature he treasured andversee the maintenance Gather Together in My Name 1ST Edition of his property When Napoleon s downfall forced Joseph into exile he was able to become that country gentleman at last but in a place he could scarcely have imaginedIt comes as a surprise to most people that Joseph spent seventeen years in the United States following Napoleon s defeat at Waterloo In The Man Who Had Been King Patricia Tyson Stroud has written a rich accountdrawingn unpublished Bonaparte family lettersof this American exile much Pentimento of it passed in regal splendor high above the banksf the Delawa. Ies he started here I would highly recommend it if you are interested in the *Bonaparte s r history. T de Survilliers a noble title *s r history. T de Survilliers a noble title fabricated n his first flight from France in when Napoleon was exiled to Elba nor did he ever learn than rudimentary English Although he would repeatedly plead with his wife to join him he was not a faithful husband and Stroud narrates his affairs with an American and a Frenchwoman both f whom bore him children Yet he continued to feel the separation from his two legitimate daughters keenly and never stopped plotting to ensure the dynastic survival f the BonapartesIn the end the man who had been king returned TO EUROPE WHERE HE WAS EVENTUALLY Europe where he was eventually next to the tomb f his brother in Les Invalides But the legacy f #joseph bonaparte in america remains and it is #Bonaparte in America remains and it is that Patricia Tyson Stroud has masterfully uncovered in a book that is sure to appeal to lovers f art and gardens and European and American histo.

FREE READ The Man Who Had Been King: The American Exile f Napoleon's Brother Joseph

The Man Who Had Been King: The American Exile f Napoleon's Brother Joseph

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